19 responses to “Social Work University Interview

  1. With thanks to the following users on Twitter;


  2. Fantastic post – I think anyone who has these covered will sail through any university interview (and a few job interviews – maybe that could be a follow up post!)

    • Job hunting, application forms and job interviews is the next one :). Will tweet for thoughts/opinions/views etc soon :).

  3. Thanks for this, I’m finding it really helpful in preparation for my interview.

    I also anticipate I will be asked why I chose the particular university I did, and I’ve been told it’s a good idea to come up with questions to ask the interviewers at the end such as ‘what makes the social work course at this university different to others?’

    It’s given me a lot more confidence to get a reasonable idea of what I’m going to be asked!

  4. I have just had 2 interviews for the Social Work MA and this site was such a help. I was asked nearly all the questions and I’m so glad I revised using it. I would’ve, of course otherwise answered “I don’t discriminate” had I not read the tips beforehand. Thank you for a great read @racherivi

  5. I have a three social work university interviews coming up this month. I found this very helpful and fun to read. Thank You.

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  7. Hi Thank you so much for the questions. I am very nervous but your article gave a good idea on what to expect. thank you awesome article. I also have a follow up written test after the interview. pls let me know what to expect for the written test.

  8. Hi you are awesome.I was super nervous about my interview yesterday but depute that it went well, thanks to your article. Most of the questions were from the list. can’t thank you enough.

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