A handful of search engine terms

These are just a few of the things that people have searched the internet for that have led them to my blog. I have not included the general ones or the ones that I will use as the idea behind future blog posts.

what   happened to andrew ellery social work student I   graduated and as far as I know, nothing else happened 😉
should   i be a social worker Only   you can really answer that question. It very much depends what it is you want   from a career and what you feel you can offer other people.
regret   social work degree This is   such a shame to read. You shouldn’t ever have regrets. Even if you decide   social work isn’t for you, you have developed an incredible knowledge base.
andrew   ellery blog Welcome,   you’ve found me J
people   that shouldn’t become social workers Well,   anyone that doesn’t want to be a social worker really. Any anyone who has   committed offences against vulnerable people. Some offences committed against   anyone can also block someone becoming a social worker. Universities and   regulators assess this on a case by case basis.
how to   deal with a student social work placements First   of all you need to speak to your university tutor or placements officer. If   you are still unhappy try and get a meeting together with your university and   your placement. If nothing improves consider using your BASW, Union, or   College of Social Work membership to see if they can support you.
does   social sciences include social work? Yes.
where   can i get access to a careers services? School,   college, National Careers Service (available online, phone, email, face to   face etc).
degree   needed to be a social worker You   will need a recognised undergraduate or postgraduate degree in Social Work.   This must be approved by the professions regulator (Health and Care   Professions Council). Speak to the university to ask if it is an approved   professionally qualifying social work degree.
when do   you get a reply from social work interview This   varies from university to university. Be patient; they will reply.
people   i come into contact with as a care worker Social   Workers, Care Managers, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Art   Therapists, Psychologists (of various kinds), other Care Workers, Support   Workers, colleagues internal to your organisation, District Nurse, GP,   Consultants, Paramedics and Ambulance Technicians, Informal Carers (family   and friends generally), Nurse, etc etc.
common   induction standards workbook – answers It is   your employers responsibility to sign you off once you complete the workbook   over the 12 week induction period. Don’t look for generic answers and yours   should be specific to your organisation.
what   other jobs can i do with my social work degree I have   known people with a social work degree to go into business, counselling,   careers guidance, student welfare, human resources, change careers, consultancy,   independent social worker, various jobs in private and voluntary sector,   trade union roles, research. The skills and knowledge is applied in a range   of settings and roles.
what do   universities consider to be social work experience Voluntary   work (group work, one to one work, policy/campaigning, fundraising etc) with   vulnerable clients, or representing vulnerable people (people with   disabilities, mental ill health etc), marginalised groups (LGBT community as   an example). Paid work experience (care work, support work, assistant social   worker, personal assistant etc). Also if you have personal care/support work   experience perhaps as an informal carer for a friend or relative.
is a   first class degree in social work worth anything An   education is worth something for everyone. A first class degree should   academic potential. It is something to be proud of.
sample   letter for ending relationships with service users social work I   really would hope that if you were going to be sloppy enough to write a   letter you wouldn’t use a template found on the internet.
how   many people have degrees in social work Loads.   It is hard to tell as not all are registered. The Health and Care Professions   Council will be able to tell you how many registered social workers there are   in England. Other regulators will be able to help regarding Scotland and   Wales.
andrew   ellery reading university I have   never published where I am based or what university I attended. You are   correct, I went to the University of Reading in Berkshire. I was in the last   cohort of students who graduated from their very successful social work   course. It was absolutely devastating when we received the news that it was   not of strategic importance to the university.
mental   health “need their hand holding” Whilst   it is true that many people, at some point in their life, need some direction   and guidance, I wouldn’t say people with a mental health illness need their   hand holding. Many people live a perfectly ordinary life without any   intervention and have a mental health illness. They are people not ‘mental   health’ and it is people that can need support, care and guidance.



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