Time for a change…

You may have notice that this blog hasn’t been updated in some time. I have experienced a significant period of writers block that I have become very frustrated with and have spent the last few weeks reflecting on. Having given it considerable thought, I’ve decided I’ll write up my thoughts and share with my blog followers.

Those of you that follow me on twitter will notice that I can be quite guarded about what I do for a living. Over the past 9 months or so my career has taken me down a more specialist path, something that I had never planned for. In truth I always saw myself as remaining more of a generalist. Whilst I am very much enjoying my work –  and hope that things continue in the direction they are going –  as someone who has enjoyed writing and sharing my views, specialising professionally has presented barriers to writing pieces that I see as more accessible and interesting. Although I can’t hide from the fact that my experiences, skills and knowledge are becoming more focused in particular areas, I do feel it would be inappropriate for me to alter my blog content to what I know. For that reason, and to maintain the boundaries I have set myself, it is time to move on from this blog.

I have waited some time before I made this decision, as I have always found writing to be a bit of an outlet, a forum to share my views and ensure that I am heard. Whether people have listened is another thing all together. What has been humbling is the feedback from people who work for, access, or just have a general interest in the world of social work.



3 responses to “Time for a change…

  1. Hi Andy

    Came across your name this morning, been reading/watching your thoughts on the net. I hope all is well with you and that one day you decide to write again!

    Will follow you on twitter now.


    • Hi Jamie. Only just seen this! Hope all is going well with you. We should speak again, perhaps on twitter. Not quite ready to write again but I’ve logged in… so who knows what may come 🙂

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