Is this a return?


It has been a whole lot of time since I logged in here and wrote anything. My last post in October 2013 (!!) was a bit of a farewell to this blog. Life, work and not having much to say was to blame.

Having said that, over the past few years I’ve been working hard at developing my own business and what a journey that has been (3 years old this weekend). Between my last post and working full-time for my business, there has a few job changes and a period of re-evaluating what being a social worker means to me.

Without doubt there have been times over the past few years where I have wanted to share my thoughts. Most notably around accreditation for children and families social workers, the developments of fast track training schemes, my experience of inspection, the concept of innovation in social work and funding attached to that, the demise of the College of Social Work, the possibility of another new regulator, my concerns around adoption, Martin Narey’s review into residential children’s homes, my experience of training and practicing as a Best Interests Assessor, my shift from governance roles to frontline practice and management… and the list goes on…

All in good time.

For now though, it is just a hello. Do watch this space though…

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