Social Work Reading List (and the wider social care sector)

2013 book list written in partnership with Community Care Magazine can be found here.

It is that time of year again. Yes, people are off to start university or return after the well deserved summer break. To mark the occasion, I thought I would put together a list of the fifteen books that helped me through the social work degree and that continue to support my work (not a social worker). Going through my bookshelf there are a number of publishers who produce quality social work and social care texts, but I have to say that my bookshelf is dominated by texts published by Palgrave Macmillan (please also enquire about their online Social Work Toolkit), Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Open University Press/The Mcgraw-Hill Companies, SAGE publications and Oxford University Press. They can be found on twitter;

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Social Worker of the Year Awards 2012

As promised I thought I would write a quick post to say how pleased I am to have the opportunity to be involved in this years Social Worker of the Year Awards. As part of the judging panel, it is exciting to be joining practitioners and managers from across the workforce to contribute to celebrating social work. The categories that I will be involved in are;

– Practice Teacher of the Year

– Team of the Year [Voluntary Sector]

– Overall Leader of Innovative Practice [Children’s Services]

– Overall Leader of Innovative Practice [Adult Services]

– Employer of the Year

– Lifetime Achievement

Do nominate someone for one of several categories and read about the awards at

Endings in Social Care (adapted from my protected post for first years at the University of Central Lancashire)

Endings in Social Care

NB: Examples are fictional and not from my direct work with people

Hard, difficult, tough, uneasy, tricky, complicated, risky, delicate etc?

All those words above are words people would use to describe ending a professional relationship in social care practice. However, what we cannot afford to forget, are those words come about from emotions. Let’s also not forget that social care practice happens in many places, in many professional fields, across many sectors, and in many settings. Then we have to consider what emotions can come about from the ending of a professional relationship. Remember also that emotions can lay dormant; they can be expressed in various ways, and can be masked by another emotion. A question we have to ask ourselves, in order to truly critically reflect on our practice is, are these emotions exclusive to service users? Or can we as practitioners also find this part of our job particularly challenging/distressing?

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Ideas and suggestions for care providers… recruitment, selection, induction and training (just the million questions that came into my head the other night)

This is just some initial thoughts in terms of improving quality and safety. Add yours at the bottom. They are not all applicable to every setting but thought I would share.

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Chief Social Worker… who should it be? Add suggestions

Twitter discussions have started since the vacancy for a national Chief Social Worker went live. The biggest question though, is who the person should be, and the suggestions (so far) are as follows;

David Jones





Or an ever growing army currently consisting of @chesterina @Andrew_Ellery @lizzydripping @ermintrude2 @444blackcat @fluffosaur

Add your suggestions here or by tweeting me 🙂

p.s. this is only a bit of fun- I wouldn’t want to pressure anyone to apply. Although fun, I am also not making fun of people! I think that covers it 🙂