National Careers Service… limiting access

On Thursday the 5th April 2012 the Government launched the National Careers Service. A one stop shop for adults and young people to access careers advice, no matter where you are in the Country (the clue is in the name of the service to be fair). Although this service is for both adults and young people, I do want to focus more so on the advice and guidance being offered to those in their teens.

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A Social Work Degree … A Social Worker

So again, I have annoyed everyone on twitter with yet another seemingly pointless question. The following question was put to my followers;

“Do you think the #socialwork degree should dictate the sector we end up working in?”

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Fourteenth Column

Well the motivation is kicking in and the race to keep ahead of what is set to me a very demanding year has started; definitely a chance to put last year behind me and move forward and start looking forward to finishing. Continue reading

Second Column

I introduced myself last month as a student social worker and identified how it has baffled me for the entire time during my first year of my social work degree as to why students have yet to be invited by the Government to share their views on the current social services ‘system’. Continue reading