A Social Work Degree … A Social Worker

So again, I have annoyed everyone on twitter with yet another seemingly pointless question. The following question was put to my followers;

“Do you think the #socialwork degree should dictate the sector we end up working in?”

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Article written for Compass Jobs Guide

If we all take ourselves back to when we first joined our cohort on the social work degree programme, I can imagine every single one of us were keen and enthusiastic to work therapeutically with individuals whilst also promoting social change. Continue reading

Twentieth Column

So what I thought I would do is summarise each year separately over the next few months. Naturally this will start with year one when I wasn’t writing for PSW. Continue reading

Seventeenth Column

Let’s start off by saying that by the time this is published I have just shy of three months left of my training seeing as my final exam is at the end of May. Continue reading